128 GB DDR4 RAM (DDR3 is gone)


4.2 Ghz COSTLIEST and LATEST INTEL Skylake  CORE I7-6700K Processor.


















Host all your websites each with separate CPANEL account.

Sell CPANEL hosting to others via WHM (Web Host Manager), charge them anything and keep full money with you as your profit.

Sell RESELLER ACCOUNT to others and earn $44/Year as your profit.

Sell Dedicated Servers and earn 50%/Month as your profit.














Managing Director


All the customers searching for either CPANEL/WHM Web Hosting, WHM Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Mail Servers and/or customers who wish to start their own WEB HOSTING COMPANY.




There are several businesses online which will bring you a recurring income every month on autopilot without any work on your part. (Of course, advertising your business is your main task.)

What if we show you one such business?

Would you be interested?

A business in which we have been involved with for the past 10 years and which profits us almost $150,000 per month without much effort on our part. It's the Online Hosting Business. It's the you may or may not have heard about. We have 3000 customers over here who pay us $5/month regularly for unlimited hosting, almost 5000 people who pay average $25/month regularly for MAILERS, almost 2000+ resellers who pay $64/year regularly for reseller account and 100+ customers who pay average $100/month regularly for dedicated servers. 



Believe it or not, there are hundreds of hosting companies on the internet that earn anywhere from 1 million dollar to 20 million dollar every month. Microsoft, Goggle, Yahoo, Amazon and you name it. Many top companies in this world are already involved in Hosting Business.


So wouldn't you be interested in joining such a business? If you want to get started on your own, its next to impossible. It requires a huge investment. To start a small scale Worldwide Online Web Hosting Business, you need at least 2000 sq/ft of commercial space (which will cost around $800/month) with 24 hours of electricity (that will cost around $600/month) and a dedicated leased line internet (that will cost around $500/month). In addition, there has to be centralized Air Conditioning (that will cost around $10,000 to setup). Not to mention the cost of SERVERS, HARD-DISKS, CABLES, RAM etc which will require almost $20,000 to setup. Over and above this, on the minimum, you will need to maintain at least 2 very sharp LINUX trained technical staff, you would need 1 security personnel and 1 support staff (and that will cost around $600 per month).

It's a jaw dropping investment. It's a heart pounding business where you have to invest too much to just open the doors, not to even mention your costs for advertising for your new business..

These are the expenditures for just a few thousand customers. Big companies who run and maintain datacenters, invest thousand of times the amount of money we have mentioned above. Believe it or not Goggle pays a rent of about $1.5 million per month per datacenter. They pay this much rent each month for 4-5 such datacenters.

To setup and maintain a small and/or large scale Worldwide Online Web Hosting Business is not possible for the average individual client nor for small start-up companies. It requires the vision and funding of big business owners. You will have to agree this without any arguments.


However, with us, you can start your own worldwide web hosting business within minutes. No work for you. It's the RESELLER HOSTING ACCOUNT. Your people, your contacts, your customers can purchase hosting from you. You can sell the online hosting accounts to them at any price you desire and keep 100% profit with you.



Suppose 100 people purchases the $5/month unlimited account from you, you will then get $500 per month recurring income.

Suppose 100 people purchases the $64/year RESELLER ACCOUNT from you, then you will get $44 times 100 = $4400/year recurring income. (You need to pay us $20/year for each reseller account sold via you as long as your customer keeps paying you.)

Suppose 10 people purchases the $25/month mailer from you, then you will get $150/month. (You need to pay us $10/month for each mailer sold via you as long as your customer keeps paying you.)

That comes to around $12200/year by doing nothing. Imagine if you get a customer base of one thousand or more. Not SKY, but HEAVEN is the limit.

How much you will have to pay us ??
















Not $9000/year $64/year


You can create UNLIMITED separate CPANEL ACCOUNTS for your customers.

You can host all your websites.

You can sell $64/year RESELLER ACCOUNTS.

You can sell $25/month MAILERS.

You can sell VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

You can sell Dedicated Servers.

You simply keep paying us $64/year and then we will set up an exact replica of this website with your PAYPAL Email Address in the BUY NOW payment links. You will keep 100% of each and every sale as your profit. You need not pay us anything. For example, if 10 or hundreds or thousands of people start paying you $5/month for the UNLIMITED hosting plan, then you keep the full amount as your profit. You have to pay us nothing out of that amount.

However, you will have to pay us $20/year for each RESELLER ACCOUNT sold via you and $10/month for each MAILER sold via you as long as your customer keeps paying you.

To re-summarize, you just have to pay us $64/year and you are in Hosting Business just like all the big companies, with your own website, servers, billing manager preinstalled for you. No other investment, NOTHING! You just have to bring in your customers. Even if you bring 100 or 1000 or unlimited customers who will keep paying you $5/month each, you will have nothing to worry about. You will have nothing to worry about SERVERS | BANDWIDTH | HARD DISK SPACE | MEMORY | BACKUP etc. It will be all managed by us. Its all done for you. You just have to pay us $64/year..








Note :

1) Remember - your customers will pay directly to you. [ No hosting companies allow this, they collect money from your customers and say that they will send u a check each month. Oh, never believe in them. ]

2) You need not provide any support to your customers - we will do it. (No hosting company will do it. They will tell you to do it yourself.)




3) You need not send the hosting username | password to your customers - we will do it. (No hosting company will do it. They will tell you to do it yourself.)

4) You will get an exact turnkey/replica of this website with your PAYPAL Email Address in the BUY NOW payment links. (No hosting company will do it. They will tell you to do it yourself.)

5) You need not install any billing manager or anything. It will be taken care by us. (other companies charge $299-$499 for such software besides $60 installation fee.)



So if you are interested, simply buy any of the suitable RESELLER plan above. Within minutes after purchase, the automatic system will create a replica of this website with your PAYPAL Email Address in the BUY NOW payment links and will reply back to you with all the details. You can then start advertising your PRIVATE LABELED CPANEL/WHM WORLDWIDE HOSTING BUSINESS WEBSITE and can thus enter into the ONLINE HOSTING BUSINESS overnight without any headaches.

If you have any questions, simply contact

Cordially Yours








If you are not interested in starting you own worldwide online hosting business and have come here to buy either web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers or mail servers then please see below and make the purchase accordingly.


CPANEL Hosting Plans $1/Month $2/Month $3/Month $5/Month
Web Space 10MB 20MB 100MB Unlimited 1.5 TB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB Unlimited 30,000 GB
Number of separate websites
that can be hosted in one plan
1 2 3 Unlimited
Parked Domains 1 2 3 Unlimited
Add-on Domains 0 1 2 Unlimited
Sub Domains 20 50 100 Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 1 2 10 Unlimited
Email Accounts (full POP3, IMAP & SMTP) 20 50 100 Unlimited
Mailing Lists 2 10 20 Unlimited
Technical Information        
Apache Web Server
Multiple Network
Red Hat CLOUD Linux
PHP 5.2
Zend Optimizer
Shared SSL
SSI - Server Side Includes
GD Library
Directory Protection
Downloadable Daily Backup
Raw Log Files
Apache Handler Manager
MIME Type Manager
Custom Error Pages
Powerful Online Website Builder
Shockwave & Flash
XML Support
EXIF Support
Optional Hotlink Protection
ImageMagick Support
Ruby on Rails
WAP Enabled
Mod_Rewrite Enabled
Python/Tomcat/Java Support
CURL Enabled
Netpbm Support
Wildcard Domains
Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support
Powerful Clustered Servers
(Intel DUAL XEON Processors, SATA Hard Drives, 64 GB Ram etc.)
24/7 Expert Helpdesk
24/7 Server Monitoring
99.99% Server Uptime
Major Bandwidth Providers
Email Features        
Number of emails which can be sent per hour 50 100 150 200
Spam Filters
Virus Protection
Webmail Access
IMAP Support
Email Forwarders
Auto Responders
RoundCube Webmail
Control Panel Features        
RV Skin
Preconfigured Scripts
File Manager
MS FrontPage
Shopping Carts
General Features        
Site Builder
24x7 Support
No Contract!
99.99% Uptime
Money Back Guarantee
Free + Instant Setup
SSH Access
Discounts For 1 Year Purchase 10% 10% 10% 16.66%
Net Cost Per Year $10.80 $21.60 $32.40 $50.00




Discounts For Monthly Subscriptions - - - -
Net Cost Per Month $1 $2 $3 $5











You can send 1200 commercial BULK EMAILS Per Hour via the "DANGEROUS MAILER" software preinstalled on this PRESIDENTIAL BULK EMAIL SERVER.


Simply upload your email list, type your FROM NAME, FROM EMAIL ADDRESS, REPLY-TO EMAIL ADDRESS, SUBJECT and the BODY of the Email Message and click SEND. The software will send 1 email every 3 seconds live in front of your eyes. Thus 1200 emails/hour straight into the recipient's inbox.

No waiting. No verification. DANGEROUS MAILER Software Preinstalled.

Import any PURCHASED/RENTED list. 

You will get instant access to the DANGEROUS MAILER immediately after purchase.

Spam tolerated. You will not be suspended if we get spam complaints. We will simply put the complainer in SUPPRESSED list so that he wont get any email again even if you send by mistake or otherwise.


Lowest rate in the whole industry. No setup fees. Other companies charge at least $50 setup fee and $1500 - $2000 per month for sending high volume commercial BULK EMAILS.

Email Sending Rate - 1 per 3 seconds. You can send as many emails as you wish per day. One credit will be deducted for every single successfully sent email.




















(Bulk Emails Compliant)





  CPU Memory Hard Drive (SSD) Monthly Fee
  Latest/Costliest Intel SKYLAKE Core I7-6700K, 4 Core, 4.2 GHz Processor 32 GB DDR4 500 GB $50/-
  Latest/Costliest Intel SKYLAKE Core I7-6700K, 4 Core, 4.2 GHz Processor 64 GB DDR4 1000 GB $100/-


CPANEL/WHM $35/Month Extra. Default Operating System - Linux CentOS.

1GBPS Network Uplink for all servers. 30,000 GB Bandwidth each month.

2 VLAN IP included. Extra IP $5/month extra.
















5000+ MAILERS, 100+ DEDICATED SERVERS since 10 years.



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Purchase DOMAINS for just $10 at

(No hassle to change DNS etc after purchasing domain. Its all automatic here.)